Hello World

Tuesday February 14, 2023

Hello. I’m giving Hugo a shot. Thank you Luke Smith for the really good video on it. This place was a void that I would yell into with a bonus downloads section which I constantly broke. I really was just constantly breaking Apache in general. Nobody read anything I wrote so it didn’t actually matter, and redoing all this shit in Hugo is probably a waste of time because once again nobody will read it. I hope to actually write about things that are somewhat intelligent. Not actualy intelligent, but relatively high effort. It’s easy to info dump in a group chat about whatever nonsense is brewing in my head but it takes some time and thought to put all of that into something that is interesting and nice to read. I’m getting an arcade machine soon and I’m sure I’ll end up working on it a lot. I think it would be cool to log repairs here as well as the Arcade Projects forum. I totally stole that idea from another user. Just so there’s an excuse to put markdown syntax on this page, here is my list of priorities.

  1. Clean this place up and get the folder structure / templates figured out.
  2. Work on the CSS to make it closely match my old website. I liked it that way.
  3. Populate with interesting content. The hard part.