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I forgot I already made a banner so I made another. Now I have two and I don’t know which one I like more.

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From here you may end up on websites that are empty, unreadable, childish, etc. That’s just how it is when there isn’t an all knowing algorithm deciding what you see. You also may end up somewhere really cool, and maybe that really cool person has an RSS feed. I don’t endorse the contents of any these websites. If you find something you don’t like, don’t associate it with me. Have fun.

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Yukinu Alienozi's Website for Electonics Fenix tinfoil-hat Nightt's retro art Alice In Wonderland Syndrome Jake's thoughts Jake's mail getimiskon's space davidgebski MayVaneDay Studios Se7en's site lich's website Radio Chupacabra uwcur Saltorn J. Frank Parnell Urist saturnexplorers Kyubit Grafo Strings From The Network Lilibyte satorialistic Slime-Net Bendersteed hellish-chemicals The Swiss Bay SIX10 J@ck#91 Flammable Duck Gap and friends purplevoid Shrine of Hakase The Extramundane Omicron Setup WorkingSea Luke's Cabin Protocol 7 Tard Zone Beedge 0x1bi Dead End Shrine Online Digilord Godcock karar Michi Erratas No Sleep Room 4 hen6003 diskmagvp thephilosopherslibrary Slushbin mm4rk3t kassy Cabbage Sorter xiixiixii oedo808 xn-neko jole Confusion's Confusing Confusefest Morituri Te Salutant agoraroad Oversteer arisu Unpop Driftt Chaox Evergreen Mazak Small Thoughts Spectrum of Consciousness Liberty Witch Seapunk Ty3r0x lckdscl qmaury size of cat galladite halogen stars Kirillov nerdbox orizuru rain tocxjo ophanim New Digital Era adacayiseverim Kati Heimdall Minu ga hana Korosama Nomadalgia urof The crypt cosmica cozynet s-config trrb interloper Let's decentralize! Freaky Jewish Ladies! catgirlvomit foreverlikethis The Arcade mouse vd1r sadgirlsclub neetventures seththyer otherworldgates scio present-time navyjoecomics sillylaird swindlesmccoop varchar torchan jahanrashidi bass2nick andrei 0x19 theminuteman yo252yo n1l7 angelsaremathematical andresz giggles shr4pnel havinganame microbyte ciosyam gamajun lyricaltokarev kalokagathia lainnet idelides b4rkod t3o requiem vendell blackorwhite nauxnam


tinfoil-hat Jake's thoughts getimiskon's space MayVaneDay Studios Lilibyte The Swiss Bay Dead End Shrine Online Chaox Liberty Witch Seapunk size of cat Heimdall Coarse Enigma Hidden Corner pk33 urof s-config interloper Let's decentralize! cozynet tenebris sillylaird andrei 0x19


Jake's thoughts getimiskon's space MayVaneDay Studios Dead End Shrine Online Chaox Hidden Corner pk33 urof s-config interloper Let's decentralize! galladite 0x19