I Bought a Blast City

Thursday June 22, 2023

I saw it for sale at 6:15AM and by the end of the day I bought it. Here she is:

The side

It looks like it’s in way better shape than the Versus was when I bought it. Did I overpay for the Versus? Maybe. Do I give a shit anymore? No.

My original plan for when I got another cab was to rotate the monitor and use it for vertical games. The games my parents remember are mostly verical, plus maybe it would get me into shmups. I don’t know if I have the mental capacity to get into shmups. I don’t even know if I’d like shmups, but they do seem interesting. Having a whole ass machine that’s only for games that I’m not sure if I’ll like is a huge commitment. Worst case scenario I just rotate that shit back and my dad can keep playing the NES version of Donkey Kong because he doesn’t know any better.

It makes no sense to load this up with the same fighting games I can already play on my Versus. If I kept the monitor horizontal I think I’d have to eventually put a Naomi board in there. There are so many cool Naomi games and they’d actually look good because this Blast has a trisync. Even if it mostly just plays different fighting games, those games belong on a Blast. I’m not sure if it’s wired up for JAMMA or JVS, but I’ll deal with that when it’s time.

I bitched about not knowing what to throw inside the Versus too. I’ll figure it out. This time I have the additional problem of not knowing where to put it. It will fit in the garage of course, but it is super ghetto in there and I think I should maybe deghetto the garage before loading it up with more bullshit. The Versus had to go in there right away because it’s massive, but the Blast could sit in my house for a while. It would probably get used a lot more that way. Either way, getting this cab is my cue to really get the ball rolling in my garage. I think I lack the natural male desire to endlessly fuck with my house. I should’ve been on top of that ages ago but instead it still looks like I’m squatting in an old lady’s house.

This cab was described as having “0 issues” and that gives me more hope than “tested and working” after learning what “tested and working” can mean. Hopefully that means I won’t be making a huge log of repairs done on the thing, but I’ll still post significant updates here. Fuck my life.

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