I Bought an Astro City

Thursday April 11, 2024

More specifically, it’s a New Astro City. If you didn’t know, the Astro City, New Astro City, and Astro City 2 are all very similar to each other.

New Astro City

Anyway, I am like 99% sure this will be the last arcade machine I buy for a long time. Maybe the last one ever. The vision for my garage from very early on has been:

  1. Versus City for fighting games
  2. Blast City for high res Naomi games
  3. Astro City for vertical games

I was in no rush to purchase an Astro City after getting the Versus and Blast fully functional, but once I saw one for sale locally in great condition, I had to go for it. My dad was thoroughly unimpressed. Partially because I’m sure he’s disgusted by the amount of money I have spent on arcade machines, but also because he didn’t have his glasses on, and I think he literally can’t see the difference between the Astro and the Blast. You may be thinking “Damn, this dude must really love shmups if he got a cab that’ll basically run nothing but shmups…” Fair assumption, but I’m really not that into shmups (yet) and what will probably get played a lot more is old man shit like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. If I end up not liking shmups as much as I think I will, or my parents just don’t come over all that often to compete in Dig Dug or whatever, I’ll put the monitor back to horizontal. For now, I plan on playing a lot of DoDonPachi. As of writing this, I can get to the 3rd level on one credit. Whether vertical or horizontal, the MiSTercade is gonna be in this cab most of the time. I’ll probably still want to play Vampire Savior or some other CPS2 fighting game on the Versus sometimes, but it’s easy enough to swap from the CPS3 to the MiSTercade.

Although I don’t think I’m going to have to do any major repairs, I will probably make a log page for this cab just because it would feel weird to leave it out. There are some little things I want to do, so I might as well talk about them. I have been brainstorming an Astro City outfit for Naomi and will post it to that page when it’s finished. Let me know if you have any MiSTer-able vertical shmup suggestions.

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