Quick and Crash

Monday October 16, 2023

Quick & Crash

This one is different because even though it’s an “arcade game” it’s not a “video game.” Quick and Crash is a target shooting game, with a fake gun and real targets. Each round begins when you take the gun out of the holster. The total time it takes for you to complete all rounds is your score. Accuracy is as important as speed, because you only have 20 shots total. Using all 20 is an instant game over.


There are 4 rounds. Here’s some copy and pasted info:

  1. One target will appear in a random location.
  2. Two targets will appear in random locations.
  3. One target will appear in a random location and move side-to-side making it increasingly difficult to hit.
  4. Two targets will appear in a random location and move side-to-side, once these targets are hit a ceramic cup target will appear, If the player successfully hits the cup, it explodes into pieces only to reappear the next time the game is played.

People love this game

I have only seen one of these machines in person, and it was easily the most popular machine in the arcade. It was the only machine in the place that always had a line. I say was because IT BROKE and my girlfriend wants to KILL HERSELF because she’s SICK AS FUCK AT THIS GAME. I’m not just hyping her up because she’s my girlfriend, she really is good. Every time we’d go to this arcade she would be ranked #1. I will always remember the time some dickhead got #3 on the leaderboard and started popping off, high fiving his friends and shit. She goes up next, doesn’t even take her purse off her shoulder, SMOKES THIS DUDES SCORE BY A MILE, and the entire line of people started cheering. Including that dude’s friends.

One flaw

I don’t think this game has many flaws. It’s a pretty simple game, and that’s what makes it so good. The randomness of the target placement keeps you on your toes and makes clutch guesses pay off extremely well. One thing that sucks is the possiblity of filthy cheaters who put their hand in the holster while having the gun aimed and ready to shoot. I don’t know how that problem could’ve been solved by the developers, but it is a shame because it does screw over the honest players. Putting your hand in there isn’t “the meta,” you dirty fucks.

Is it worth your quarters?

Yes. You can be horrible and you’ll still want to try again. It’s also a nice break from looking at a CRT. If you see this at a barcade, try to impress drunk idiots with your sharp shooting. Just know that you will never be better than my girlfriend. It seems kind of hard to write a review of this game because of how simple it is. The short and sweet gameplay is great, and that’s all there is to it. If you like shooting games, you’ll probably be addicted. If not, it might not hold your interest for very long. It’s worth a try either way.

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