It's Like 99% Functional

Wednesday April 26, 2023

All 6 buttons work on both sides. To fix the pin 8 problem, I took out one of the wires from the main harness I didn’t need anymore and put it into pin 8 instead. I think it was originally the wire for button 5. I don’t need it anymore because the kick harness handles button 5 now. I gutted my 2 RAP4s for the Hayabusa levers. The levers that I already had in there don’t mount to the 6 button panels, so I think I need mounting plates. The games run fine. The only problem is that the P2 side will randomly press MP, usually when a direction is pressed on the stick. My button mashing shithead friends would never know, but anyone who actually knows anything about any of these games is going to feel it instantly. It feels like shit. Also, for some reason the monitor isn’t flickering anymore. I had the machine on for over an hour and it looked fine the entire time. It did get all fucked up for a little while but it fixed itself when I wasn’t looking. It could probably still use a recap, but I’m not going to worry about it yet. I should’ve got a picture of my dad playing X-Men vs. Street Fighter. I don’t think I’ve seen him play a video game in 15 years.

99% done