The Tube Is Fucked

Wednesday November 8, 2023

Good news: The chassis was sent out to Sharp Image Repair, successfully repaired, and sent back to me safely.

Bad news: I hooked it back up and I still get no picture.

After posting about it on Arcade Projects, it seems that my tube is busted. Apparantly not an uncommon fate for a Blast City. I am very sad. I’m considering a few options:

The reason I bought the Blast (and the Naomi) was for the sweet high res 3D goodness. I didn’t get a Naomi before getting the Blast because Naomi games would look like shit on the Versus at 15khz.

There are no options that won’t sting. I still can’t believe I only got 2 days out of this thing. 2 really fun days.

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