It's Alive

Wednesday November 22, 2023

I got incredibly lucky and was able to get a perfect replacement monitor (WG D9200) from an Arcade Projects user. It fits perfectly, is high res, it didn’t break the bank, and I was able to pick it up myself.

Monitors get carsick

The only catch is that this monitor needs to be taken out of it’s frame and put inside the original Blast City frame, then that frame has to be backmounted to the Blast. Getting the Nanao out of it’s frame and putting this D9200 in it’s place was mildy annoying, mainly because these things are so heavy. It was a 2 man operation, shout out to my dad for helping me.

From the back

You can see where the frame would normally sit based on the color. Without backmounting it, the monitor would stick out too far and it would be impossible to put the Blast’s plastic bezel back on.


Finished, ready for Tetris

I am so happy. If this didn’t work out I was going to just sell the cab. The Arcade Projects forums are a blessing and everyone who helped me out is a hero. Just like I did on my last Versus City post, I’ll dump the rest of my to do list here:

Imagine if I put a flat screen in there. Imagine it and try not to vomit instantly.

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