Sunday December 3, 2023
Update 12/26/23: Christmas was lovely.

I like the idea of Christmas, but the way the holiday ends up every year is extremely corny. I’m not even talking about the shit that truly does suck, like Christmas commercials, music, and rom-coms. It’s the weird attitude surrounding gift giving that drives me crazy.

The absolute dumbest shit is when a relative asks me what I want, I send them an Amazon link for something this is reasonably priced, then they send me an Amazon link for something that is around the same price. What was the point? There is no thought put into it and no surprise on Christmas day. We could’ve just saved the $20 instead of trading plastic. How could anyone in my family actually know what I want? They don’t even know what a flash drive is. Is my mom going to search the for sale threads on arcade forums to find a CPS2 with a Vampire Savior B board? Obviously not, and I don’t expect anyone to do that, which is why we should all just save our damn money. I’m an adult and I have the money to buy my own things. Most of the things that I want are not things that I have because they’re just too expensive. I don’t expect anyone to spend that much money on me. I would rather my girlfriend spend $2000 on herself than on me, and I bet she would say the same thing. So why are we doing this again? Jesus?

For 2 months I have to enter this mode where I’m hyper aware of all the money I’m spending and I’m basically not allowed to buy anything I actually want, since my credit card bill is going to get racked up buying a bunch of people a bunch of shit they don’t actually want. I have the chance to buy a CPS3 but I’m not going for it. All household projects have been put on hold. I’ve been hesitant to buy a Lilith figure to go along with my Morrigan figure, but today I made an offer on Mercari and the seller accepted it, so fuck it. Merry Christmas to me.

I actually do get excited when I have a good idea for a gift, and the person actually likes it. For years I have been getting my sister stuff that always ends up collecting dust. Last year I got her 3 months of “Book of the Month”. It was so last minute that I purchased it on Christmas Eve, printed it from my phone on Christmas morning, and she stood by the printer waiting for it to slowly reveal itself. She popped off over this piece of paper more than every other gift I have given her combined. My mom still talks about it. This is the excitement car commercials strive to emulate. I’m not an idiot, so this year I got her another 3 months.

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