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Wednesday December 27, 2023

Capcom Cast

I’ve had a lot of critical and overly introspective thoughts in my head lately. Maybe not just lately, maybe it’s actually all the time. Either way, I don’t want this blog to become yet another pessimistic computer enjoying guy’s doom posting shit heap. This one is just going to be me gushing about my favorite Capcom artist because this website needs some positivity. This post is very image heavy so get ready for a longer load time and a lot of scrolling.

Capcom Cast, again

Artbook cover

Cammy and Chun Li


Third Strike Cast

I always like looking at the big collections of characters drawn by her. Even the characters that aren’t featured as prominently are expressive and interesting to look at.

Street Fighter 3

I really like the sketchy versions of the win poses in SF3 New Generation. The Necro one is my favorite. It was my favorite before I even started playing Necro.

Necro Win Pose

I also really like the brutal loss sketches. Street Fighter usually isn’t this brutal. I love Ryu’s gigantic hands and the red marker filling his gloves.

Alex Loss

Ryu Loss

Ken Loss

Sean Loss

Sean’s facial expression really fits his character. I like these sketches much more than the final sprites in game. Still better than the Third Strike results screen.

Capcom vs. SNK

CvS2 Ladies

Kyo and Sakura

I love all the character select portraits from CvS2. These are my favorites. I could only dream of drawing something as sick as this Evil Ryu. Check out how crisp and high-res these images are. This shit is awesome.


Evil Ryu

Possibly the hardest shit of all time.



Chun Li




I had a bunch of SNK characters here, but the only images I could find were really shitty and low res. I didn’t want to end the post with shitty images, so I just removed them. You should play Capcom vs. SNK 2 and see them for yourself. This is the end of my low effort but fun to create blog post. Post your favorite artist (video game related or not) in the comments.

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