I Bought a CPS3

Tuesday January 2, 2024

Yellow lines on the Darksoft boot screen


It's working now. I sent it out to ShootTheCore for repair and he fixed it no problem. I didn't want to make a whole follow up post about it because it's not like I actually did anything.
This is what I was greeted with when I first turned it on. For a while I couldn’t get it to load a game, but after screwing around with the SD card (This CPS3 has a SCSI2SD) it booted Third Strike.

Fucked up 3S title screen

I ran the memory check from the test menu. SIMM1 and SIMM2 are supposed to report “not good” on a Darksoft setup, so the real problem is the sprite RAM.

Memory Check

The shell of the BIOS cart was broken into a million pieces as soon as I took it out of the box so I’m assuming this sprite RAM problem was caused by shipping damage. My greatest fear. I used to work at UPS so I get incredibly nervous when I ship packages or have expensive, near impossible to replace packages sent to me. This situation has just locked in my fear forever. I am pretty sure that the BIOS cart itself still works.

Broken BIOS cart

I didn’t want to bitch too hard on Arcade Projects because people are being very helpful and the seller is going above and beyond trying to get this thing fixed. On this site I’ll keep it real. Realizing it was broken fucked me up so bad that I aimlessly walked around my neighborhood at 2AM. Maybe I’m dramatic but I’m currently 0 for 3 on arcade game purchases and I can’t even believe that’s possible. I’m not even blaming any of the sellers, I think I just keep getting incredibly unlucky. Here is the Arcade Projects thread I made in case you’re interested in what others think about it. Further troubleshooting will be posted there and not here. I will only post about this CPS3 again when it is working.

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