Movestrips and a Marquee. Finally.

Wednesday November 8, 2023

Drumroll please. The game I finally decided to get movestrips for is…


Something a little weird about these movestrips is how much redundant information is on them. They really wanted you to know about dark force and the “new type of gauge.” It doesn’t really bother me. The fucking awesome marquee up top makes up for it. If the marquee isn’t horny enough for you, I also bought a Morrigan figure to place on top of the cab. I’ll eventually put a matching Lilith on there too. I remove her when games are actually being played because I haven’t secured it with double sided tape yet.


There is currently a CPS3 in there, but it isn’t mine. I wanted to get the stuff for a game I’ll always be able to throw in there. What made me finally bite the bullet and order it all was the fact that I was going to host a Halloween party. You know the garage was looking spooky as hell. Just as I predicted, the guys who actually know how to play hauled ass and scared everyone else away, then they finally decided to just play Third Strike once the fucking MEDIUM PUNCH BUTTON got too annoying.

I bought little sleeves to put the strips in so I don’t have to mess around with tape or some other annoying adhesive. Maybe some day I will buy the strips for Third Strike or some other shit just to have, since it’ll be so easy to swap them.

Anyway, aside from possibly repainting the yellowed plastic, I think I’m done with cosmetics on this thing. Just so you have a complete idea of where I’m at, here is the to do list taken directly from my notes:

I got the Vampire Savior stuff from this guy on eBay and I got the marquee holder + Versus City decals from Arcade Art Repro. I’ve decided that this will be the post where I enable comments for the Versus City posts. Maybe one day I’ll go back and enable them for all the previous posts, but probably not. Comment away.

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