Magic Erasers Go Hard

Tuesday July 11, 2023

A while ago my dad and I spent hours spraying this thing with Simple Green and wiping it down with paper towels. The old glue from the stickers took forever because we had to scrape it off with razors.

The entire fucking time I should’ve just been using a single magic eraser. I can’t believe it took me this long to try one. I thought it might get the rust off the P2 side control panel, and I was pleasantly surprised. It fucked that rust up. It also obliterated all the glue leftover from all the stickers and got off a ton of the scuffs and random dirty spots I couldn’t get off before. Here’s what the panel looks like now:

The panel, looking pretty good.

The red balltop will be replaced soon, by the way.

Here’s a sort of before and after. I scrubbed the right side. I think before I started they were equally as dirty so it’s a fair comparison.

Left shitty, right pretty

I didn’t clean the side of the cab you can’t see but I’ll get to that eventually. At the time of cleaning I had been awake for like 30 hours and was 4 and a half cups of coffee deep.

This hoe CLEAN

You can see the spots where I scrubbed extra hard, but I think it still looks much better than it did before. I do think I’ll eventually get all this stuff painted so it won’t matter anyway.

Bonus Update

My wife, Naomi

What the hell is all this shit? I’m only half kidding. I guess I was expecting fewer separate parts. I’m praying I can piece it all together without fucking anything up. I may attempt to put it in the Versus when I get home from work, because I believe it’s JVS ready. I could also just wait for the Blast but I’m itchin’. I don’t know how much more I’ll talk about the Naomi and Blast in the future because if I just plug it all in and it works fine, what else is there to talk about? I say that now, but keep in mind I planned on having a Tekken 5 tournament 2 days after my Versus City arrived. There is still a chance you’ll see “Blast City Repair Log” on the nav bar later.

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