Bonus: Naomi Setup

Monday July 17, 2023

My Naomi set up arrived. I quick hooked it up to my Versus to test things before the Blast gets here and I’m glad I did. To nobody’s surprise, I’m having issues.

I think my cab is sick

I do not actually have a Sun PSU in the Versus. I somehow convinced myself I did forever ago and I never bothered to do a Google Image search for Sun PSU

I have the Sun PSU, which is the good one. It should run a Naomi no problem but I think I’d have to adjust the voltages. I don’t want to do that because I’d have to just adjust them back again when I put the MiSTercade in. The Blast does not have a Sun PSU and I’d have to use an external power supply, so when testing in the Versus it makes sense to just use the external.

To make a long story short, I think the problems I’m having are related to power. Some games don’t start, some will start but randomly freeze or crash, and some crash at the exact same part every time. If I breathe too hard, it crashes. Here is CVS2:


This happened when using the Sun PSU. Since I started using the other PSU it doesn’t crash as much. You also might notice how fucking dogshit the monitor looks. The colors are terrible and it’s way too dim. I don’t actually care because obviously I’m not keeping it in this machine. The MiSTercade looks fine.

What the fuck

If this keeps happening I will kill myself

At this point I think I was using the external PSU which is a little concerning. Someone online told me this is a sign of a dying GPU, and if that is the case I will kill myself. I asked the seller and he said he’s never seen that happen before. He also said he never had an issue with games crashing or not loading. I don’t get it.

Power fuckery aside, I also don’t have a kick harness. The Sega I/O doesn’t work wih the CPS2 kick harness which both my Versus and this incoming Blast have. I could try to rig one up for the time being but I messaged Lemony Vengeance and hopefully he can make me a nice one.

The Blast is hopefully coming tomorrow. Once it’s up and running correctly I’ll probably post about it.

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