My Monitor Is Fucked

Tuesday April 18, 2023

I kind of already knew it was fucked but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. I am pretty sure it needs the capacitors replaced but I’m not sure how I want to go about doing that. I see online a cap kit is like $20 but I’ve never discharged a CRT before and I’m not trying to kill myself by accident. Moosh had a guy recap his Versus monitor for a few hundred bucks. I’ll have to think about it. ANYWAY…

Boxed 6 button panels

THE PANELS FINALLY CAME IN THE MAIL. I somehow forgot to take a picture of them outside of the box, but I might just save the reveal for when they’re actually installed on the machine. I was working on that yesterday but I didn’t have much time. I also realized the Mike’s Arcade CHAMMA to JAMMA adapter uses a CPS1 kick harness but I have a CPS2 kick harness. I’m not worried about it because…

I BOUGHT A MISTER. Getting the tracking number for the panels + my tax refund made me finally pull the trigger. I should’ve done it sooner but I didn’t think the panels were going to arrive at my house the same day they made it into the U.S.

It’s all coming together. I was really hoping I was gonna get a little more out of that monitor before I had to worry about recapping it. So just ONE MORE thing before it’s mainly just cosmetic stuff on my list. I do still want to get a game that supports the winner lamps. Maybe Virtua Fighter 3. A big cosmetic thing is the instruction cards and marquee. I can’t decide what to put in there. I guess I should just wait and see what game gets played the most. God I can’t wait to rip off that Tekken bullshit.

I guess this update could’ve waited for when the MiSTer is set up and running but I was too damn hype about the panels coming in the mail and I wanted to bitch about my monitor a little bit.