The Buttons Work

Monday April 10, 2023

FINALLY all the buttons work. It’s funny to read my last update and see how I had no idea what I was getting into with these buttons. The problem wasn’t that I needed an adapter, it was that all the buttons on the P1 side were broken (except for one) and the harness on the P2 side was plugged into the wrong spot. I was so ready to buy a new harness but I noticed it was wrong while in the process of taking it out to test one last time. Here is my smug ass on the IO test screen pushing what the Pandora’s Box thinks is button “E” me, smug as fuck, pushing E

Some other things I want to mention:

All this is very good news of course, but now I have a new problem. My P1 side monitor flickers.

I’m really hoping I just bumped something while I was in there and it’s not a serious problem because if it is I will kill myself. That’s all for now. Hopefully the next update is about how sick my new panels are, not about how fucked my monitor is.

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