Testing With a Pandora's Box DX

Saturday February 18, 2023

With the help of my friend Gabe, we were able to actually get a good look at the monitors last night.

Who needs Tekken?

One small issue is that none of the buttons work. He told me why but I don’t remember. Something about a pin on the Pandora Box being grounded. He has an adapter to make it work which I’m going to pick up later today. This is just so I can use the thing while I think about what I really want to put in this thing.

Tetris burn in is no issue

To my surprise, the Tetris burn in that looked really bad with the screen off is practically invisible when a game is running. Maybe I’ll eat these words later on but at this moment I am extremely not worried about it.

Cleaned fan

I blew both of the fans out with an air compressor. I can’t tell if they actuallysound better or if it’s placebo.

I know now isn’t the time to think about aesthetics, but there are some things I can’t wait to get at. My little monkey goblin brain tried to peel off the Tekken stickers but I decided to do it later when it wasn’t just a quick peel.

The little section for a game’s controls printout is pretty ugly on the P1 side. The P2 side is perfectly fine.

Ugly ass P1 side

Also featured in that picture is a button I replaced. It’s a clear Sanwa and it made me realize that these other buttons are not Sanwas. The end goal is 6 yellow Sanwas on each side but I could temporarily use Hori buttons just so they all match. I need to slow down and pick a game.

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