Stools (and a rant on games)

Monday February 20, 2023

Small update. My friend Mike made me some nice stools with the Sega logo laser engraved on each one.

Stools Mike and his son

That’s really all for now. I ordered a CHAMMA to JAMMA adapter and that should be here on Friday, so I’ll actually be able to play on this thing for real using the Pandora Box. I’m in the process of trying to get new panels, kick harnesses, and I might get a Dreamcast to JAMMA adapter. Naomi would be cool but I’ll worry about Naomi if I ever get a Blast City or something.

On the same note, I’m going insane trying to figure out which game I’m going to put in there. Here is my line of thinking:

I think I’m leaning towards a MiSTer. If I still have the intense desire for “real hardware” later, I can find real hardware. I think having a game that supports the winner lamps would be really cool. This small update ended up not being so small.

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