Bonus: CPS3 Setup

Friday September 8, 2023

Gabe brought his CPS3 here one day and said I can just keep it in the Versus for a while. It’s been comfy. Perfect timing too because THE MISTERCADE IS STILL FUCKED UP even after sending it back to get repaired. I know for an absolute fact that my cab isn’t the problem. Both the Naomi and CPS3 do not have a problem with the player 2 medium punch button. While the Blast City monitor was working, I put the MiSTercade in there and that also had the MP button problem. The guy said he was unable to reproduce the issue, and he sent it back. Very frustrating but I think I’m out of options. Maybe I’ll look into getting some other kind of MiSTer to JAMMA thing but for as long as this CPS3 is in my cab, I’m chillin’. I will continue to enjoy some good ass Third Strike while it lasts. I know it’s not permanent and this isn’t “the end” of the journey with this cab, but it has certainly come a long way from a dirty Tekken piece of shit with no working buttons and incorrect wiring.

Me. Chillin. Getting my ass beat.

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